The reason why visual messaging has such impact is because it is the most direct line of communication from the product to the person. It establishes the relationship with the consumer and ultimately drives the sale. That’s why external and internal merchandising strategies should be part of every product promotion.

Visual merchandising (or visual communication merchandising) can include point-of-purchase displays, signage, window displays, aisle displays, light boxes and similar promotional materials. Using this merchandising strategy creates a way to convey a positive image of your product and capture the attention and interest of the consumer – beginning well before the consumer enters the store. That is why it’s essential for retailers to pay attention to their exterior environment. What are you displaying that will grab the attention of and motivate the consumer to be a buyer, not just a window shopper?

What does your exterior say? Window displays, banners, posters and other exterior merchandising materials also have a dramatic effect on consumers – especially impulse buyers. It’s an opportunity to engage consumers by promoting a specific product, targeting drive-by or walking traffic who otherwise would not be aware of the product’s availability.

This is effective throughout the year, but can be used for added impact during special promotions and for holiday displays. Nutis can offer you ideas that will work in conjunction with your other promotional efforts to create a complete merchandising system.