Merchandising Display Prototypes & 3D Printing

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Turn your ideas into reality with our 3D printing and prototyping services. We have years of experience using 3D printing and prototype technology, and we’ll work closely with you during the production process to ensure your project meets your specifications, your schedule, and your budget.


We offer full-size, full-color merchandising display prototypes to ensure that your vision comes to life just as you imagined. Prototypes give us the opportunity to make graphic or structural adjustments before production begins, saving time and money.

3D Printing

From promotional materials to point-of-purchase components, our vast 3D printing capabilities provide highly customized items to businesses with mass manufacturing needs. Our 3D modeling technology reduces time and labor, and every piece can be precisely duplicated to ensure consistent quality.

Our 3D printing lab utilizes the Z Printer 850. A workhorse of a printer, it has a build size of 20” x 15” x 9” and can produce nearly 390,000 color combinations.

Creative Design Services

Whether you’re starting with just an idea or a sketched design, our creative services team can take your visual merchandising project from concept to completion. If you already have a developed concept, we can work with you to make it as cost-effective and visually compelling as possible.

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