Make an impression and capture the attention of your customers with Nutis’ bold storefront design and innovative lighting and display technologies. Our team is highly experienced in designing creative storefronts, lighting solutions, and displays that can be customized to fit any need and any space.


Transparent LCD Screen

State-of-the-art technology displays interactive video and graphics directly on a transparent LCD screen to uniquely showcase your products within display cases, on tabletops, in freestanding displays and more.

Curved Digico Imaging LED Display

Curved LED displays can be attached to curved and angled walls, wrapped around pillars, and installed on nearly any surface—perfect for situations that require a creative approach.

Ultra HD Digico Imaging LED Display

Create an extraordinary space with the slim ultra HD Digico Imaging LED displays, featuring ultra high resolution and extremely wide viewing angles. Thanks to its small profile, you can design your space around the customer, not the display.

Lighting Solutions

Digico Imaging LED Panels

Our proprietary 12” x 12” LED panel is one of a kind. Primarily used for backlighting, its industry reputation is known for being one of the most evenly backlit products on the market. Our panels can be cut down to 2” x 2”. The panels are arranged in a matrix style and offer virtually unlimited backlighting at any size.

Sequence LED Light Box

A cost-effective and energy-efficient solution, these light boxes use lighting sequences customized to your graphics. The light boxes can be displayed on custom floor stands or wall mounted, and they can be built to nearly any size you need.

Front Load Fabric Light Box

The versatile front load fabric light box is printed with dye sub print technology that produces bold, vivid graphics. A sewn-in silicone gasket makes installation easy.

Edge Lit Light Box

This flat LED light box is a versatile fixture that makes graphics and images stand out, especially in brightly lit environments.

LED Faux Neon Rope

All the visual characteristics of traditional glass neon, with the safety and reliability of LED. Make your graphics and window displays grab consumers’ attention with this versatile option.

LED Ribbon

Flexible LED ribbon can add lighting almost anywhere: architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, perimeter lighting, and much more. Customizable length and power give you total control.

Greg Hawkins

Behind the lights since 2008

“Many of our products are unique to the industry, and when we can’t find the right solution we design and manufacture 
it from scratch.”