Colors can often impact how you’re feeling. When they’re muted or soft, it can leave you feeling calm or relaxed. When they’re bright and lively, it can lift your spirits. Depending on your goal, colors can help dictate how your customers will feel when they enter your space or encounter your brand.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital wanted the colors in their environment to reflect who they serve: children. Their vision was to have an atmosphere that was inviting and unlike the traditional hospital setting. Incorporating vibrant, bright colors could transform the space into a home away from home for patients and their family members.

Before the painting and installations, the walls were uniform. There wasn’t much differentiation in the atmosphere from wing to wing and it the graphics and colors didn’t take advantage of the vast space available.

Our plan was to design hundreds of custom graphics to display throughout the highly populated areas of the hospital. These specialized graphics were created and installed quickly throughout the installation process. We paid close attention to detail to ensure graphics and figures were as special as the patients who would see them.

The end result was warm, inviting colors projecting off of the walls and illuminating the space, creating a whimsical and welcoming environment for all who enter. The installations could transport kids to another world—if only for a moment, and help them feel like a kid again.

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