Nutis Press: A Family Affair


The Nutis Family has been setting the bar in the visual communications industry for nearly a century, not just in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio but nationally and internationally with brands that most people would recognize today.

The heart of Nutis lies within four generations of innovation and exemplary customer service, which has brought the company to the global scale that it is today.

“Back in the Ukraine, our family included printers and typesetters,” Nutis Visual Communication Production Manager Joey Nutis said. “When they came to America, they moved to Burlington, Vermont they were also printers there and eventually made their way to Columbus.”

Frank Nutis, the grandfather of Joey and Sam Nutis, brought printing back to the family in 1949 when he founded Nutis Press Inc. He led the company to new heights in the industry and served as the company’s CEO for more than 60 years.

“My grandfather carried the family tradition of being a printer and started his own company — Nutis Press. Eventually, my father got into the business, so did my brother, and so did I,” Joey said. “I’ve been a part of this business my entire life. Even from the time I was 12 years old in the summertime, I woke up early in the morning, walked to my grandfather’s house and then drove to work with him”

The backbone of Nutis is people who go above and beyond each day creating displays and storefronts in the company’s production facilities.

“The most important part of Nutis, first and foremost, is our team,” Sam said. “We wouldn’t be here without the people they make the entire operation possible. It’s not one single person.”

Many of Nutis’ employees have worked with the company for decades. The Nutis brothers not only grew up around the industry, but also the hard-working people who make the operation possible.

“We’re a family business our employees here are not just a number to us,” Sam said. “They are family and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the great people who have worked here over the years.”


Nutis’ work force is second to none in the industry, and with great work comes great expectations.

“We deliver the utmost quality for printing, storefronts, and all of our displays, Also our service element is unparalleled. We are leaders in the service industries, especially on the storefront side of our business,” Sam said.

There’s no doubt that Nutis’ high standard of quality has attracted the attention of some of the most well-known brands in the world, which Sam says keeps the company motivated to be innovative in the visual communications industry.

“We treat brands with the upmost respect here,” Sam said. “A brand can come to Nutis and have high expectations. Your brand is as important to us as it is to you.

The versatility of Nutis’ printing capabilities is why clients continue to come back and continue to work with the company, and it’s no secret why.

“The most important thing to note is the vast capabilities our team has here,” Sam said. “We are proficient in printing, design, and electronics — so bring the whole POP package to our clients. We can do the structural, printing, and lighting. We can bring the whole entire storefront and in-store marketing package to our clients.”

Another aspect that clients love about Nutis is the flexibility and ability to adapt to the fast-pace, innovative industry of visual communications.

“When I started working here, the industry was at an interesting crossroads,” Joey said. “It transitioned to a short-run type of world. The run lengths kept getting smaller and smaller, and they got more and more customized. Our company had to keep moving to keep up with the industry’s pace. We purchased a variety of new digital printing equipment to stay on top of the industry.”

Nutis is always ahead of the curve and remains the leader in visual communications, not only in the United States, but also all over the world. However, for Sam and Joey, being ahead in the industry is more than just beating out the competition; it’s a family affair.

“It’s a legacy,” Sam said. “It’s 100 years of quality and service, and here’s to 100 more!”

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Nutis Named A Top 50 Pop Company For 2016


Nutis Visual Communications Group has been recognized for the second year in a row by Creative Magazine as one of the top 50 point-of-purchase companies in the country.

“We are very pleased to receive this endorsement and recognition from one of the industry’s leading publications. It’s been invaluable and has helped introduce the Nutis brand to retailers, brand manufacturers and markets where we’ve not had exposure in the past,” said Sam Nutis, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Creative Magazine is one of the industry’s leading promotion and marketing publications. It is produced for retailers, merchandisers and brand manufacturers who manage promotional programs and who are searching for the latest merchandising solutions. Creative Magazine is a great resource for current industry  trends, new product development and launches, and marketing insights.

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Color Coordinated


We are proud to be a G7 Master Facility — certified by Idealliance. This means we are capable of producing color to G7 specifications and that the color calibration process is common across all print technologies — litho, screen and digital. The G7 process also ensures that colors are balanced and have a shared visual appearance regardless of the technology or substrate used during the printing process.

Additionally, we have a Certified G7 Professional and a Color Management Professional — also certified by Idealliance® — who can certify the Nutis color process. Our in-house color experts maintain all color criteria and usage, and oversee every project printed to make sure your colors are consistent and correctly calibrated.

“Our quality control systems are an exceptional benefit for clients whose jobs are color-sensitive and need repeatable consistency,” stated Sam Shaffer, color management professional.

For instance, if a client has a job that needs to be reprinted a few months after the initial print run, there is no issue with precisely matching the coloration of your original project. Our system allows all computers and printers to speak to each other with little or no interruption. When you choose Nutis , you’ll always have consistency and quality on every project we print for you.

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Why Point Of Purchase Matters


Whether you have items for sale or on sale, merchandising tools such as point-of-purchase displays, signs and banners are certain to influence a shopper’s experience and ultimate buying decisions.

For retailers and brand manufacturers who are looking for the best ways to display their products, increase visibility and attract those consumers, point-of-purchase is by far the most effective promotional vehicle and a critical component of in-store marketing. Nutis is one of the industry’s premier providers of merchandising solutions for everything retail, including:

  • Temporary and permanent displays
  • LED panels and backlit light boxes
  • Metal, wood and acrylic displays
  • Interior, window and storefront environments
  • Large format digital and screen banners and signage.

To increase sales performance, it’s more important than ever for brand manufacturers to use point-of-purchase displays and signage to cut through the clutter and get their product heard above the visual noise.

  • According to Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), nearly 76% of all purchase decisions are made while shopping in-store.
  • Of those, about 60% are impulse buys (purchases influenced by a product on display).

Our merchandising and design teams have a vast amount of experience helping our retail partners determine the best point-of-purchase and merchandising solutions.  We’re ready and able to help you position your products effectively within the environment in which they’re sold.

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Light It. Promote It. Sell It.


In today’s highly competitive and congested retail landscape, brand manufacturers, retailers and merchandisers continue to search for the most creative, innovative and effective ways to showcase products and capture consumer attention. LED panels and backlit light boxes are becoming the preferred promotional method of choice for many of our clients because of their ability to enhance a product’s presence and generate a more immediate emotional connection between products and consumers.

Nutis is on the leading edge of technology and innovation when it comes to designing and producing illuminated merchandising solutions.  Our proprietary LED panels and custom light boxes can be found in more than 2,000 retail locations in over 1,000 cities around the world.

Some of the world’s most recognizable and iconic brands use our products to help sell theirs.

With their thin construction, energy-efficient power source and reliability, backlit light panels work efficiently in virtually any type of environment – malls, department stores, airline terminals, restaurants, cinema complexes, entertainment and sporting venues.

Whether viewed from close up or from a distance, illuminated panels and light boxes have become great influencers when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions.

Beyond the obvious product promotional advantages LED panels and backlit light boxes offer other important benefits;

  • Global electrical certification – UL and ETL Listed, CE and RoSH compliant
  • Thin construction (as narrow as 3 inches)
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • Easy to install and swap out graphic images
  • Consistent, even lighting with no image distortion
  • Long-lasting with virtually no maintenance
  • Minimal heat generation and cool to the touch
  • Color temperatures from 3,000K to 5,000K
  • 12V to 24V direct current power source
  • Can ship and install internationally

As your partner, Nutis Visual Communications Group offers full-service creative, graphic, structural and industrial design. And, we also can offer prototype construction and global installation.

Let us help you illuminate the power of your brand.

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Social Media: Your Most Important Sales and Marketing Tool


In today’s business world, social media – such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram – have become the go-to platforms for everything from product promotion to product introduction to product review to staying connected with consumers and product users.

Using social media can provide businesses with many benefits. Not only does it allow a company to build brand awareness and increase exposure, it also allows them to promote new products and services at a cost far less than traditional advertising. Given the way messages spread rapidly with today’s digital connectivity, social media becomes the most effective way for businesses to reach thousands of potential consumers instantly.

Current research, in fact, indicates that social networks are used by more than two-thirds of the country. It also shows that individuals are more likely to trust online peer reviews for a product or service as opposed to traditional advertising. Why? Social media is about the user experience, whereas advertising is primarily about product availability.

Because of social media’s ability to connect more customers with your product, brand managers now have the ability to target specific audiences who might otherwise not be aware that your product or service even exists. Gathering data about consumer insights, interests and preferences allows marketers to more accurately tailor their message to a specific or multiple demographics.

Nearly 75 percent of Americans say product information found on social media sites directly influences their shopping behavior and purchasing decisions. – (Source: Androit Digital, 2015)

That said, with all the positive attributes social media offers, it’s not without challenges. Launching a successful social media initiative is a 24/7 commitment and needs to be managed effectively and continuously.

In this digital age, it’s important to understand that content is king. Business owners who want to increase product awareness and build brand loyalty need to create the right content to engage consumers and help influence their buying decisions. For that reason social media managers must constantly refresh their message, frequently update content and immediately address any negatively posted comments.

Additionally, since social media ultimately drives traffic to your website, it’s as important to keep content refreshed and updated, as well.

Here are some other statistics that support why social media should be a key component for every marketing, promotional and advertising strategy:

  • 78 percent of small businesses attract new customers using social media strategies. (Source: Relevanza, 2015)
  • 71 percent of social media users are more likely to purchase from brands they follow online. (Souce: Ballihoo, 2015)
  • 63 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from information posted on social media sites. (Source: Ballihoo, 2015)

At Nutis Visual Communications Group, we have seen a definite uptick in consumer engagement, lead generation and inquiries since we implemented our social media initiatives late last year.

For more information about the products and services we offer, visit us at

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Get Noticed With Signs, Banners and Posters


For retailers and brand manufacturers who are trying to connect their products with consumers and increase sales, in-store merchandising is a vital and integral component of any brand marketing strategy.

Nothing makes a better emotional connection with shoppers than the right message with attractively designed and strategically placed merchandising, sales and promotional material.

According to POPAI, approximately 75% of in-store purchasing decisions are motivated by attention-grabbing displays or other merchandising materials.

At Nutis Visual Communications Group, we produce a full range of in-store and storefront merchandising solutions that can help retailers promote products and engage consumers. We also produce a variety of external merchandising signage, banners, pennants and posters. These are ideal for attracting drive-by or walk-by traffic.

We have the capability to print on virtually any substrate. For outdoor signage, such as yard signs, we highly recommend Coroplast® because it’s sturdy, durable and can withstand changing weather conditions.

The next time you’re launching a new product or featuring an existing item, turn to Nutis Visual Communications Group for all your point-of-purchase needs.

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Click, Order, Print, Deliver – E-commerce available at Nutis

Opened paint buckets with various colors

Many of our retail clients need immediate access and quick turnaround for frequently used promotional items such as price tags, banners, special offer posters and similar merchandising materials. To respond to these needs, Nutis can build an e-commerce site – your very own proprietary online store.

E-commerce has been the perfect match for many of our clients in the beverage, tobacco, health and beauty, automotive and other retail sectors. Each site we build is fully customized to allow users to access – via password protection – their online store.

Online catalogs offer additional advantages in terms of management and ease of use. For example, we stock approximately 700 indoor and outdoor merchandising items. You’ll conveniently be able to search results by such attributes as category, size, color and font. With our e-commerce solutions, we eliminate the need to sort through pages and pages of traditional paper catalogs.

Once clients have entered their online store, they can easily submit their purchase order to authorize the request for materials. They then have the ability to make any price or message adjustment prior to production, shipping and payment. Our pages load quickly and we even offer a one-page checkout with the option of re-ordering with a simple click of the mouse.

You can definitely benefit from all that Nutis Visual Communications Group has to offer. For more detailed information about our e-commerce store, contact Sam Nutis today at 800-848-6266. Visit us online at to see all of the other products we produce for anything retail.

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Opened paint buckets with various colors

Nutis Enhances its Digital Printing Capabilities

Nutis Visual Communications Group recently added the new VUTEK GS3 LXPRO to its lineup of state-of-the-art digital printers. “This is a terrific addition. It compliments our other digital presses and enhances our overall capabilities,” said Joey Nutis, Vice President Print Production and Capital Acquisitions. For projects that need to cover large areas with high resolution, attention-grabbing graphics the VUTEK GS3 LXPRO is impressive.”

With upgrades and advances in technology this printer:

  • Prints on multiple substrates up to 120” wide
  • Prints in 8-color mode with ultra fix clear coating
  • Delivers faster print speeds – up to 90 boards per minute
  • Maintains near exact color and image integrity
  • Deliver 600 to 1000 dpi resolution
  • Has new improved LED curing – less heat, less energy
  • Minimizes or eliminates printing artifacts
  • Accommodates multiple substrates
  • Produces minimal VOC emissions – less ventilation
  • Reduces labor and material costs


Nutis Visual Communications Group is a leading national provider of large format printing, point-of-purchase and visual merchandising solutions for everything retail. Located in Columbus, Ohio, our experienced custom design teams are how we help retailers and brand manufacturers connect their products with consumers.

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P.O.P ART: Visual Communication

Let’s be clear from the outset. We are not talking about Roy Lichtenstein, the great pop culture artist, rather point-of-purchase design, the power of promotion and visual merchandising. At Nutis Press and Digico Imaging, we fully understand the importance of visual impact and its role in helping to connect your products with consumers.

Point-of-purchase is one of the keys to properly positioning any brand within a retail environment. Visual merchandising is vital to attracting customers. There should be a considerable amount of thought and planning put into each and every product promotion if you seek a positive outcome. There is nothing worse than having a great product supported by great price points, but the point-of-purchase strategy fails to capture the attention of consumers and motivate them to purchase your product.

We understand that the goal of any merchandising initiative is to increase product awareness and, ultimately, generate sales. But design and production is not all we can offer our clients.

We also are highly capable and experienced at helping you plan out your entire marketing strategy and yearly promotional calendar. This is what separates us from our competition. We take the time to understand your product and the environments in which it competes so the strategies and concepts we recommend are appealing, functional and will be effective in motivating consumers.

Nutis Visual Communications Group offers the highest level of creative services. From industrial, structural and graphic design to copywriting, marketing and strategic planning we can take any project from concept to completion.

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