Enterprise Joins The Hollywood Lights

Here’s a puzzle for you: How do you use the same buses to represent three different branches of a company at separate times? How do you make it attention grabbing so it can compete with all of the other commotion that is occurring at the second busiest airport in the country? How do you get it done in two months?

We’ve got this one.

Enterprise sought us out to develop a video display in the shuttles that bus passengers from LAX International Airport to their car rental facilities. They have three different branches of their company: Enterprise, Alamo, and National, and they wanted to use the same buses and switch between logos depending on which location they were bringing passengers to. These logos needed to be visible in the daylight and completed in two months.

Our team engineered a simple, elegant structure to display the LED video panels. In order to be seen in the daylight, incredibly bright Hi Resolution LED video panels were installed. We programmed the displays to change between logos depending on when the bus was being used for the respective branches.

We flew out to California to personally install the video panels and position the brand logos in high visibility areas on the shuttles. Being present for the installation allowed us to make sure everything operated correctly.

Ultimately, the installation of video panels allowed our client to use the same buses for all three branches of their company, which resulted in saving money for them because they had to service and maintain fewer buses.

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