Here’s How Our Holiday Displays Put Santa’s Workshop to Shame

It’s the age-old debate that has divided households and come between friendships for decades: when is the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music? Is November too early? Should you wait until after Thanksgiving? At Nutis, the Jingle Bells start much earlier, like mid-summer earlier. Talk about Christmas in July!

Producing large-scale, elaborate holiday displays can take several months to perfect and execute. There are many steps to the production process, which is why we start so early.

Clients generally reach out to us with their vision for their holiday display. Our best advice to clients? Provide us with as many details as possible! This way we know we’re capturing what they’re envisioning. In this stage, we grasp what the client is looking for and how we can physically make it a reality.

Once we know what the final product is going to be, we provide prototypes of the design. This is where we also play around with which materials and substrates we’ll use in the displays. If a client is local, we meet with them in person so they can physically experience the samples of each material. When a client isn’t local, we ship them samples and discuss the options over the phone so they can still experience the materials before they make a decision.

An important part of our process is how we provide clients with a tangible example of what we’re creating. We utilize digital proofs and physical prototypes to make the reality of their display come to life on a smaller scale before we enter into the mass production stage.

With this many steps in the approval process, there can be a lot of back-and-forth, which is why we encourage so much lead-time. We really want to capture our client’s vision before the holiday season hits.

If you feel like you’re behind the curve in reaching out for help with your holiday display, don’t fret. Just the other day, we had a client who needed Christmas trees produced for five different locations. In a matter of a few hours, we engineered a solution to meet their needs.

In addition to creating these displays with a variety of techniques–3-D printing, foam sculpting, molding, laser cutting, and printing–we have the ability to fully install the entire project. You might call it a Christmas miracle; we just call it our day job.