See How Effective Signage Transformed AAA Ohio Auto Club

Good signage should grab your attention, make a memorable first impression, and draw people into your store. But signage can do much, much more than just sell a product or service—they can educate your customers as well, and that goes a long way to converting leads into sales.

AAA Ohio Auto Club is a great example of how effective signage can fulfill several business objectives in one fell swoop. AAA needed to educate customers about its membership levels and the services they offer. With new brand guidelines, our challenge was tell a story through the display of their seven business lines rather than simply listing them out to customers.

We wanted to create a display that was as informative as it was eye-catching. To accomplish this, our team produced a custom brand wall package. The installation clearly featured all seven of their business lines and embodied the spirit of travel and exploration through our use of non-glare clear acrylic stand-offs over a textured wall covering. To draw attention to the tagline, we created a dimensional AAA logo.

The specialized design utilized a wide variety of materials for maximum impact. As customers walk into the space, the cohesive display draws their attention to all of AAA’s business lines and educates them about membership and services.

Best of all, the impressive display was fabricated and installed in just a short time period so that AAA could immediately begin using it in their sales process.

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