The Power of Two

Nutis Press and Digico Imaging merge websites.

Recently, Nutis Visual Communications Group – Nutis Press and Digico Imaging – made a strategic decision to merge their websites. Since the companies work closely with one another on many projects, it made business sense to combine sites because it will give current and future clients a complete overview of their combined capabilities.

“This gives us a tremendous opportunity to show clients immediately the breadth and scope of Nutis and Digico,” said Sam Nutis, Vice President and Director of Sales. “Now when we call on clients, we can sell the combined power of two companies. The change allows us to better cross-sell our product lines and offer an additional benefit to all clients.”

The site is new and improved. It was launched in September 2015 and is highly informative and easier to navigate. Clients can upload their production files using convenient FTP links. Simply choose which company you are sending the files to and follow the prompts. Additionally, clients can access their eCommerce account and place an  order quickly and efficiently.

Nutis’ primary focus is print – litho, digital and screen – and the durable paper-based displays and signage. Nutis is a leading national provider of large-format printing. Digico specialty is in designing and producing temporary and permanent displays, light boxes, lighting systems, interior and storefront environments, wall coverings, wallpaper and metal and wood fabrications.

Our extensive experience across many retail sectors for more than 65 years gives us confidence that we can provide the best-of-class point-of-purchase and visual merchandising solutions available in the marketplace. From concept to completion, our capabilities are limitless.