As print technology continues to evolve and the industry becomes more competitive, brand manufacturers and retailers will expect more innovative and unique ways to promote and display their products. Shelf space is like prime real estate – it’s difficult to find and expensive to maintain. Product duplication is abundant. Getting a consumer to buy “your” brand is both an art and a science. How do you make sure your brand gets noticed and your promotional message strikes a chord with consumers? How do you visually stand out in a crowd?

The same principle applies to Nutis. When you run a company, your primary focus is always on your clients – the foundation of your survival. Often, we forget about our own image. This epiphany forced Nutis to begin evaluating its own image and its presence in the marketplace. The result? For starters, it became obvious that our existing logo was fatigued, dated and not memorable. It was not visually communicating the best message to our clients and prospects. However, we discovered that an entirely new logo was not necessary. Rather it needed to be brighter, bolder and more reflective of what Nutis is.

At the same time, we changed our tagline (to: “Print. Point-of-Purchase. Displays.”) to more precisely define what Nutis does.

In addition to redesigning our logo, we also felt it was time to give our marketing materials and website a new look.

Currently, we are working on enhancing and increasing our website’s functionality by adding a few more bells and whistles. This will help us to better communicate and interact with our clients, suppliers and prospects.

We also are testing PPC campaigns and other marketing methodologies in an effort to expand the company’s reach beyond our current footprint and client roster.

As a client or potential client, we can’t wait for you to see all that the new website offers.

More importantly, we can’t wait to help you sell, sell, sell!